I am a registered psychologist with over 20 years experience working with children, adolescents, adults and families. Working in Christchurch, in private practice, I provide, counselling for individuals, couples and families, and comprehensive cognitive and educational assessments for children and adolescents.

I worked for a number of years with Child Youth & Family, as a school guidance counsellor, a residential therapist with young offenders and as a child and family counsellor. Following time as a psychologist for the Ministry of Education at Group Special Education, I established my private practice in 2004. Initially I worked alongside Lynn Berresford at the Indigo Assessment & Counselling Centre in Auckland, where I developed an interest in assessing and working with gifted individuals and children with mixed learning abilities. I also provided counselling for the Family Court and counselling on a wide range of issues through the employee assistance programme (EAP) for Stratos.

Since returning to Christchurch in 2008, I have continued to offer a range of professional psychological services in private practice, including counselling and therapeutic, assessments and employer assistance work for Stratos and Instep.

As a registered psychologist I have regular supervision, professional development and keep up to date with current research. My work is guided by the New Zealand Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics. My aim is to provide an accessible supportive and quality service for my clients.